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FNS Financial Services Release 3 now available

The Financial Services Training Package (Release 3.0) was endorsed February 13, 2018. There have been changes to qualifications and to individual units.




FNS10115 Certificate I in Financial Services
FNS20115 Certificate II in Financial Services
FNS30115 Certificate III in Financial Services
FNS30317 Certificate III in Accounts Administration
FNS41815 Certificate IV in Financial Services
FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
FNS50217 Diploma in Accounting



Units of competency


FNSACC311 Process financial transactions and extract interim reports
FNSACC312 Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers
FNSACC313 Perform financial calculations
FNSACC411 Process business tax requirements
FNSACC412 Prepare operational budgets
FNSACC413 Make decisions in a legal context
FNSACC414 Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities
FNSACC416 Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
FNSACC511 Provide financial and business performance information
FNSACC512 Prepare tax documentation for individuals
FNSACC513 Manage budgets and forecasts
FNSACC514 Prepare financial reports for corporate entities
FNSACC516 Implement and maintain internal control procedures
FNSACC517 Provide management accounting information
FNSACC408 Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry
FNSTPB401 Complete business activity and instalment activity statements
FNSFTB402 Establish and maintain payroll systems