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New Cleaning units of competency

With the latest update to the Property Services Training Package (Release 10.0) the following new Certificate II in Cleaning units are now available for purchase in both hard copy and online.

Please note: Only available for the most recent version of the print resources and both versions of the LMS.

Call customer service on 08 8275 9333 to receive a free trainer/assessor guide to support learner guides ordered before 30 April 2020.

Units of competency


CPPCCL2008 Clean carpeted floors
CPPCCL2009 Perform basic stain removal from carpets
CPPCLO2002 Clean hard floor surfaces
CPPCLO2005 Maintain glass surfaces
CPPCLO2011 Maintain ceiling surfaces and fittings
CPPCLO2014 Clean and arrange furniture and fittings
CPPCLO2016 Clean wet surfaces
CPPCLO2018 Sort, remove and recycle waste material
CPPCLO2032 Plan basic cleaning activities
CPPCLO2034 Maintain storage area and cleaning equipment
CPPCLO2036 Maintain external surfaces
CPPCLO2042 Clean surfaces using microfibre equipment
CPPCLO2045 Clean rooms for guests and residents
CPPCMN2002 Participate in workplace safety arrangement
CPPCMN2004 Provide basic client services



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