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New FSK units of competency

With the latest update to the Foundation Skills Training Package (Release 2.0) the following new Foundation Skills units are now available for purchase in both hard copy and online.

Please note: Only available for the most recent version of the LMS and print resources.

Call customer service on 08 8275 9333 to receive a free trainer/assessor guide to support learner guides ordered before 30 April 2020.

Units of competency


FSKDIG001 Use digital technology for short and basic workplace tasks
FSKDIG002 Use digital technology for routine and simple workplace tasks
FSKDIG003 Use digital technology for non-routine workplace tasks
FSKLRG001 Prepare to participate in a learning environment
FSKLRG002 Identify strategies to respond to short and simple workplace problems
FSKLRG003 Use short and simple strategies for career planning
FSKLRG004 Use short and simple strategies for work-related learning
FSKLRG005 Use strategies to plan simple workplace tasks
FSKLRG006 Participate in work placement
FSKLRG007 Use strategies to identify job opportunities
FSKLRG008 Use simple strategies for work-related learning
FSKLRG009 Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
FSKLRG010 Use routine strategies for career planning
FSKLRG011 Use routine strategies for work-related learning
FSKNUM003 Use whole numbers and halves for work
FSKNUM004 Use basic and familiar metric measurements for work
FSKNUM007 Use simple data for work
FSKNUM008 Use whole numbers and simple fractions, decimals and percentages for work
FSKNUM009 Use familiar and simple metric measurements for work
FSKNUM010 Use common shapes for work
FSKNUM011 Use familiar and simple spatial information for work
FSKNUM012 Use familiar and simple data for work
FSKNUM013 Construct simple tables and graphs for work
FSKNUM014 Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
FSKNUM015 Estimate, measure and calculate with routine metric measurements for work
FSKNUM016 Interpret, draw and construct routine 2D and 3D shapes for work
FSKNUM017 Use familiar and routine maps and plans for work
FSKNUM018 Collect data and construct routine tables and graphs for work
FSKOCM002 Engage in short and simple spoken exchanges at work
FSKOCM003 Participate in familiar spoken interactions at work
FSKOCM005 Use oral communication skills for effective workplace presentations
FSKOCM006 Use oral communication skills to participate in workplace teams
FSKOCM007 Interact effectively with others at work
FSKRDG004 Read and respond to short and simple workplace information
FSKRDG007 Read and respond to simple workplace information
FSKRDG010 Read and respond to routine workplace information
FSKWTG003 Write short and simple workplace information
FSKWTG006 Write simple workplace information
FSKWTG009 Write routine workplace texts
FSKWTG010 Write complex workplace texts



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