Skill set students making up increase in student numbers

The Total VET Activity report for 2016 shows a 111.6% growth for skill sets from the previous year with enrolments increasing from 153,700 to 325,200.

Skill sets are short courses made up of one or more units of competency. We have resources for 98 skill sets across 9 training packages. You can view all skill sets for each training package in our shop.

All resources are available online or in print for flexible delivery options.

Skill sets:

Business Services skill sets

BSBSS00033 Aspiring Supervisor
BSBSS00034 Basic Customer Engagement
BSBSS00038 Franchising
BSBSS00039 Governance Induction
BSBSS00043 Key Management
BSBSS00044 Key Recordkeeping
BSBSS00050 Small Business Financial Management
BSBSS00055 Small Business Operations Preparatory
BSBSS00056 Small Business Preparatory
BSBSS00058 Workforce Development Implementation
BSBSS00063 Team Leader
BSBSS00068 Service Management
BSBSS00077 Marketing and Communication Foundations

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Community Services skill sets

CHCSS00058 Education support work
CHCSS00059 Middle childhood
CHCSS00060 Early childhood
CHCSS00061 Family support services work– provide support
CHCSS00063 Working with families
CHCSS00065 Workforce Planning
CHCSS00066 Client-oriented service delivery
CHCSS00067 Administer and Monitor Medication
CHCSS00069 Advocacy
CHCSS00070 Assist Clients with Medication
CHCSS00071 Basic Foot Care
CHCSS00072 Building Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Education and Care
CHCSS00073 Case Management
CHCSS00074 Child Protection
CHCSS00075 Chronic Disease Self-Management
CHCSS00076 Coordinate Client Directed Services
CHCSS00077 Financial Literacy Education
CHCSS00078 High Support and Complex Care Aged Care
CHCSS00079 Homelessness Support Work
CHCSS00080 Induction to Leisure and Health
CHCSS00081 Induction to Disability
CHCSS00083 Lead Inclusion and Collaboration
CHCSS00084 Lead and support colleagues
CHCSS00085 Pastoral and Spiritual Care
CHCSS00086 Quality Management
CHCSS00087 Risk Management
CHCSS00088 Induction
CHCSS00092 Alcohol and Other Drugs Co- existing Needs
CHCSS00093 Alcohol and Other Drugs
CHCSS00094 High Support and Complex Care Disability
CHCSS00095 Dementia Support–Service Delivery
CHCSS00096 Disability Work–Behaviour Support
CHCSS00097 Individual Support–Ageing
CHCSS00098 Individual Support-Disability
CHCSS00099 Individual Support–Home and Community (Ageing)
CHCSS00100 Individual Support–Home and Community (Disability)
CHCSS00101 Language, Literacy and Numeracy Tutor
CHCSS00102 Mental Health Co-existing Needs
CHCSS00103 Mental Health Peer Work
CHCSS00105 Palliative Approach
CHCSS00108 Career Development
CHCSS00109 Employment Services
CHCSS00112 Suicide Bereavement Support

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Financial Services skill sets

FNSSS00004 BAS Agent Registration

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Health skill sets

HLTSS00052 Allied Health Assistance – Nutrition and Dietetics
HLTSS00053 Allied Health Assistance – Occupational Therapy
HLTSS00054 Allied Health Assistance – Physiotherapy
HLTSS00059 Venous blood collection

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Information and Communications Technology skill sets

ICTSS00044 Computing and Application Fundamentals
ICTSS00045 Computing Fundamentals
ICTSS00046 Digital Literacy - eCitizen
ICTSS00047 Digital Literacy

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Property Services skill sets

CPPSS00048 Clean and restore hard floors
CPPSS00052 Develop and implement environmentally sustainable cleaning programs
CPPSS00053 Implement environmentally sustainable cleaning programs
CPPSS00055 Perform environmentally sustainable cleaning operations

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Tourism, Travel and Hospitality skill sets

SITSS00034 Business Management
SITSS00035 Customer Service Management
SITSS00036 Customer Service
SITSS00038 Governance for Board Members
SITSS00039 Mentoring and Supervision
SITSS00043 Understanding Financial Concepts for Budgeting
SITSS00044 Event Coordination
SITSS00047 Essential Business Skills for a Restaurant Manager
SITSS00048 Espresso Machine Operation
SITSS00050 Food Handling
SITSS00051 Food Safety Supervision
SITSS00052 Hospitality Compliance
SITSS00053 Housekeeping Service
SITSS00054 Kitchen Management
SITSS00055 Responsible Service of Alcohol
SITSS00058 Environmentally Sustainable Hospitality and Restaurant Operations
SITSS00059 Airfare Construction
SITSS00061 Visitor Information Services

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Training and Education skill sets

TAESS00011 Assessor
TAESS00013 Enterprise Trainer - Mentoring
TAESS00014 Enterprise Trainer – Presenting
TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor
TAESS00016 Sustainable Practice
TAESS00017 Workplace Supervisor

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Transport and Logistics skill sets

TLISS00092 Mentoring
TLISS00157 Road Transport Driver
TLISS00161 Owner Driver
TLISS00173 Stevedoring Equipment Operations/Specialised Load Shifting
TLISS00175 Stevedoring Operation Induction and Safety
TLISS00178 Stevedoring Team Leader

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