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CPPCLO3001 Maintain hard floor surfaces
CPPCLO3002 Restore hard floor surfaces
CPPCLO3003 Clean using safe work practices
CPPCLO3004 Maintain carpeted floors
CPPCLO3005 Confirm and apply privacy and security requirements for cleaning work
CPPCLO3006 Clean carpets
CPPCLO3007 Remove carpet stains
CPPCLO3009 Clean glass surfaces
CPPCLO3011 Clean using environmentally sustainable work practices
CPPCLO3013 Clean window coverings
CPPCLO3014 Maintain clean-room environments
CPPCLO3017 Clean wet areas
CPPCLO3018 Clean and maintain furniture and fittings
CPPCLO3019 Remove waste and recyclable materials
CPPCLO3020 Pressure wash and clean surfaces
CPPCLO3021 Clean industrial machinery
CPPCLO3035 Maintain cleaning storage areas
CPPCLO3036 Clean at heights
CPPCLO3037 Clean external surfaces
CPPCLO3038 Clean food-handling areas
CPPCLO3040 Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings
CPPCLO3043 Clean using microfibre and chemical-free techniques
CPPCLO4022 Schedule and monitor cleaning tasks
CPPCLO4024 Manage the supply of cleaning stores to the work site
CPPCLO4025 Provide quotation for cleaning services
CPPCMN3004 Respond to enquiries and complaints
CPPCMN3006 Provide effective client service
CPPCMN3007 Support leadership in the workplace
CPPCMN4001 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability
CPPCMN4002 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
CPPCMN4003 Establish, develop and monitor teams
CPPCMN4004 Develop and manage client relations
CPPCMN4007 Manage workplace safety arrangements
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