Community Services - CHC

Code Title Status
CHCSS00058 Education support work skill set
CHCSS00059 Middle childhood skill set
CHCSS00060 Early childhood skill set
CHCSS00061 Family support services work skill set - provide support
CHCSS00063 Working with families skill set
CHCSS00065 Workforce Planning Skill Set
CHCSS00066 Client-oriented service delivery skill set
CHCSS00067 Administer and Monitor Medication Skill Set
CHCSS00069 Advocacy Skill Set
CHCSS00070 Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set
CHCSS00071 Basic Foot Care Skill Set
CHCSS00072 Building Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Education and Care Skill Set
CHCSS00073 Case Management Skill Set
CHCSS00074 Child Protection
CHCSS00075 Chronic Disease Self-Management
CHCSS00077 Financial Literacy Education
CHCSS00078 High Support and Complex Care Aged Care
CHCSS00079 Homelessness Support Work
CHCSS00080 Induction to Leisure and Health
CHCSS00081 Induction to Disability
CHCSS00082 Lead and Mentor
CHCSS00083 Lead Inclusion and Collaboration
CHCSS00084 Lead and support colleagues
CHCSS00085 Pastoral and Spiritual Care
CHCSS00086 Quality Management
CHCSS00087 Risk Management
CHCSS00088 Induction
CHCSS00092 Alcohol and Other Drugs Co-existing Needs Skill Set
CHCSS00093 Alcohol and Other Drugs Skill Set
CHCSS00094 High Support and Complex Care Disability Skill Set
CHCSS00096 Disability Work - Behaviour Support Skill Set
CHCSS00097 Individual Support - Ageing Skill Set
CHCSS00098 Individual Support - Disability Skill Set
CHCSS00099 Individual Support - Home and Community (Ageing) Skill Set
CHCSS00100 Individual Support - Home and Community (Disability) Skill Set
CHCSS00101 Language Literacy and Numeracy Tutor Skill Set
CHCSS00102 Mental Health Co-existing Needs Skill Set
CHCSS00103 Mental Health Peer Work Skill Set
CHCSS00104 Peer Leadership Skill Set
CHCSS00105 Palliative Approach Skill Set
CHCSS00108 Career Development Skill Set
CHCSS00109 Employment Services Skilll Set
CHCSS00112 Suicide Bereavement Support Skill Set
CHCSS00114 Entry into Care Roles Skill Set