High-quality RTO resources and support

Our large range of training materials and assessment tools cover 16 training packages and over 230 qualifications from Certificate 1 to Advanced Diploma level.

Our RTO training materials support training and assessment in:

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For quality resources, experience matters

We have a team of instructional designers with training qualifications and substantial industry experience. Their job is to make sure that the content of our training resources and assessment tools support the learning outcomes and performance criteria for each unit of competence as specified in the national training register. They design assessment tools that can aid in the collection of knowledge and performance evidence relevant to each unit of competence.

Training and assessment resources contain:


Our RTO training resources are the most up to date in the market

We monitor Industry Reference Committees (IRC) updates continually so we’re first to market with RTO training materials and assessment tools that support changes to a unit of competency.

The bonus? Because we write and publish all our own material, we can make changes right away. We’ll let you know via our newsletters, LinkedIn or Twitter pages of changes to a resource. You can then purchase the most current version to ensure your training is supported with resources that reflect the updates.


Presented as your own, delivered to your door

Customise resources with your logo and/or your client’s branding, and choose from a range of presentation options to suit your needs.

We can collate your own training materials (learning content, additional assessment tools) with our resources and print and deliver these within 10 days.

We deliver to your door and our standard freight charge is capped; (based on volume) – no surprises.


Integrate our RTO training resources into your Training and Assessment Strategy with confidence

Focus on delivering great training, knowing you have our support. Our User Guide and video tutorials give you clear instructions on how to integrate our resources into your RTO’s Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS). You can also contextualise our resources with the editable assessment tool.


Resources for different delivery styles

Our resources are available in two formats; choose what suits you and your clients best.

Choose from:

           These come with a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Our encrypted PDF registration resources make your online Australian Skills Quality Authority applications easy.

Talk to us about the resources you need to support your application.


For VET training resources and RTO audit support, call us on 08 8275 9333.

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