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Copyright, Moral Rights and Intellectual Property of Catapult Smallprint Learning and Assessment Support Resources.

Warning against unauthorised use and plagiarism.

Catapult Smallprint invests significant time in creating original resource material and producing the highest quality product. As such, copyright and intellectual property is at the core of our business.  

Unauthorised reproduction of Catapult Smallprint’s copyright and intellectual property results in commercial disadvantage to us as authors and publishers, and leads to misrepresentation and damage to Catapult Smallprint’s corporate brand and reputation.  

The Catapult Smallprint product format and layout is unique to Catapult Smallprint and our resources contain embedded references for copyright protection which clearly identifies our resources.  

The adaptation, copying or plagiarism of the content within the resources, without our authorisation, is a breach of copyright law.

Catapult Smallprint is prepared to take action to prevent infringement of our copyright and will seek redress for copyright, moral or intellectual property infringement.

Catapult Smallprint has successfully pursued a copyright case through the Federal Court.

If you know of illegal copying or breaches of copyright and intellectual property, Catapult Smallprint would treat any information that you provide to us confidentially and we can assure your anonymity if required.



Below is the copyright statement that is included in all Catapult Smallprint resources.  

Copyright Statement

Catapult Smallprint Australia Pty Ltd owns all Copyright on its products as detailed in the Copyright Act 1968.

You may not totally or partially reproduce these materials without written permission from Catapult Smallprint. This includes unlicensed or unauthorised copying in public and private institutions with Commonwealth Statutory Licenses.

This means you may not:

Catapult Smallprint vigorously conducts checks of organisations suspected of breaching the legislation. Identified breaches will result in prosecution under the law.