Increase your RTO's training flexibility with eAssessment

Make your learners' assessment submissions a breeze – opt in to use the FREE eAssessment feature in your RTO's Participant Guides.

Available across our complete range of current resources - including 1,100+ streamlined resources - eAssesssment can provide your RTO with flexible online assessment submissions.

Your RTO can elect to have all their resources stamped with unique eAssessment QR codes + URL. This will enable learners to submit their assessment online anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The eAssessment feature provides your RTO with:

Best of all there is no account setup, no fees and no login required. To access the eAssessment feature we’ll simply need the completion of Terms and Conditions and for you to provide us with one email address for assessments to be sent to. It’s that easy.

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How much does it cost?

There is no extra charge for eAssessment capability.

How can I receive my learners' submissions?

Leaners' submissions are centralised to one email address per customer.  This email address can be managed internally by your RTO and forwarded to your trainers. Alternatively, you can provide all of your trainers access to the email address and they can directly access the assessments from their learners.

How do I know if our learners have accessed eAssessment?

You will receive an email stating that your learner has accessed eAssessment.

Is this available for every unit?

Yes, once your company has opted in to eAssessment every standard smallprint Participant Guide will feature on the front page their own unique QR code and URL which is used to access the assessments electronically.

I have customised my assessments; can they be made available in eAssessment?

With the first release of the eAssessment, we are only offering the generic smallprint products. Customised assessments will be available for eAssessment in the near future.

What do I do if a learner doesn’t have access to the Internet?

Learners can still complete their assessment in hard copy format even if they have the QR code printed in the front of the book.

Can I use a tablet?

eAssessment is compatible with all tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops.

Can I mark the assessment online?

eAssessments are sent as PDFs via email to trainers. Trainers can then provide comments back to learners via email.

eAssessment does not have the capability to mark assessments online within the eAssessment feature. If you would like to mark the resources online, the Assessment Only product with Catapult eLearning is probably a better fit for what you are after.

Can I brand the eAssessment feature to my company’s logo?

Only smallprint branding will appear on the eAssessment feature. If you want a branded solution the Assessment Only feature provided in conjunction with Catapult eLearning would be a better product for you.

Can a student submit additional documentation with my submissions?

eAssessment does not provide the ability to attach additional documents to the assessment for submission.

However once submitted, learners and trainers can exchange additional information and attachments through email or by using the Assessment Only feature in Catapult eLearning.