Resources as individual as your training

With our editable assessment tool, you can edit, adapt and contextualise our assessment tools online so they meet your specific training and assessment requirements.

Create, edit and adapt:

Changes made in the editable assessment tools will prompt you to re-map these tools to the related Elements and Performance criteria, Critical aspects for assessment, Required skills and Required knowledge.

The editable assessment tool also allows you to journal any changes you have made, providing a summary of your comments to support your contextualisation activities and contribute to continuous improvement documentation.

Your document custodian

Once you’ve edited what you need, we store the updated training and assessment resource in your private (protected) library. If you need to order a print copy, we can retrieve the latest version in an instant.

To learn more about our editable assessment tool and other customisation options, call us on 08 8275 9333 or send us a message via contact us.