Unique training organisations need unique resources

To make sure our resources meet your training and assessment context, talk with us about tailoring our training resources and assessment tools to meet your needs.

Using our resource customisation service, you can adapt our learning content and the assessment tools, and add any additional training materials and assessment forms.

Edit, adapt or add:

In most cases, we offer this as a complimentary service; it depends on the type of tailoring required and the volume to be ordered.


How resource customisation works

You give us the training and assessment material that you require customised (either smallprint-sourced and/or your in-house training resources). We make sure that the finished product range looks professional and is consistent across all your training and assessment resources.


You’ve bought some smallprint training resources but you want to use your own learning content, change an assessment tool or add a course schedule or session plan template. Just send us the materials you’d like to add or a summary of the changes you’d like to make to our training materials and we take care of formatting, printing, presentation and delivery.


For tailored resource customisation with support you can trust, call us on 08 8275 9333.