Ready to face audit? We can help

Let us answer your questions about our resources. We have support materials to help you integrate our resources into your Training and Assessment Strategy. (See our User Guide and instructional video)

Beyond resource support, we have a network of trusted RTO advice and support consultants. We can refer you to one of them to help you meet national training compliance requirements.

Call us with any queries about our training and assessment support resources. If you have concerns about an audit response in regards to our resources, call us. Often, we’ll ask you for your audit report so our Quality Manager can review and address your concerns.

You’ll find we’re quick to respond with answers.


Industry bodies are a wealth of information

We look to a number of industry peak bodies such as VELG and ACPET to keep us up to date with the latest industry news and information. If there are other great sources you think we should be connected with please let us know.


We welcome your suggestions

We aim to produce the highest-quality training and assessment support resources in Australia. If you have an idea that could improve our service or any of our VET and or professional development resources, please talk to us. We take all suggestions on board and respond quickly with answers and actions.


For trusted resources and support, call us on 08 8275 9333.