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No commercial provider can guarantee that their assessment resources will pass audit.

Compliance of assessment is dependent on:

If issues relating to the use of Catapult Smallprint training materials or assessment tools arise during an audit please contact us immediately. We will work with you to help you comply with the auditor’s expectations free of charge.

We understand that you will have a deadline to meet so we will respond quickly.


Assessment resources

Catapult Smallprint assessment resources are developed by qualified workplace assessors and trainers, with industry and VET experience who understand training packages, ASQA standards, rules of evidence and principles of assessment.


RTO responsibilities

As commercial products, Catapult Smallprint assessment resources are not a stand-alone training and assessment product. They must be properly incorporated by RTOs into their Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) and should be independently validated by the RTO.



To address the growing need to contextualise assessments for audit purposes RTOs can customise Catapult Smallprint resources for specific industry, organisation or learner cohorts by:

For assistance contact us on (08) 8275 9333 or