Clean using environmentally sustainable work practices

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Unit Information about the CPPCLO3011 training material in this resource


This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to clean using the environmentally sustainable work practices defined by company and government compliance requirements. The unit covers identifying resource use ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and contributing to improvements in environmentally sustainable work practices.

The unit supports cleaners who work alone or in teams. It applies in a range of commercial and residential work sites.

Unit mapping information

No equivalent unit.

Licensing legislative regulatory or certification requirements

No licensing legislative regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit of competency at the time of endorsement.

Foundation skills

Foundation skills essential to performance are explicit in the performance criteria of this unit of competency.

Unit sector or competency field

Cleaning operations

Prerequisite co-requisite or interdependent assessment of units

Not applicable

Assessment conditions

The following must be present and available to learners during assessment activities:

  • specifications:

    • company‚Äôs sustainability targets

  • physical conditions:

    • work site where cleaning tasks are undertaken

  • relationships with team members and supervisor:

    • work may be conducted alone or as part of a team


  • as specified by the task