Develop and maintain a safe workplace

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Unit Information about the TLIF4014 training material in this resource


This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to develop and maintain a safe workplace in accordance with regulations.

It includes planning and implementing safety requirements; informing and training personnel on work health safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation, codes and standards; and establishing and maintaining procedures for assessing and controlling safety risks. It also includes monitoring, adjusting and reporting safety performance, and evaluating the WHS/OHS system and related policies, procedures and programs.

Work involves discretion and judgement in developing and maintaining a safe workplace.

Work is performed under minimum supervision with general guidance on progress and outcomes of work.

Work generally involves responsibility for resource coordination and allocation, and provides leadership of others individually or in teams.

Unit mapping information

This unit replaces and is equivalent to TLIF4014A Develop and maintain a safe workplace.

Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Foundation skills

Foundation skills essential to performance are explicit in the performance criteria of this unit of competency.